Bill and Cathy Tidwell have been teaching firearms safety and marksmanship in the San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area for over 35 years. Currently they hold the following certified instructor ratings.


                              Bill                                                                   Cathy


              National Rifle Association                             National Rifle Association


              Pistol                                                               Pistol

              Rifle                                                                Rifle

              Shotgun                                                          Shotgun

              Personal Protection In The Home                       Personal Protection In The Home

              Personal Protection Outside The Home               Personal Protection Outside The Home

              Home Firearms Safety                                      Home Firearms Safety

              Muzzleloading Rifle                                           Chief Range Safety Officer

              Muzzleloading Pistol                                          Refuse to be a Victim

              Muzzleloading Shotgun                                      Training Counselor

              Metallic Cartridge Reloading                              

              Shotshell Reloading

              Chief Range Safety Officer                                

              Advanced Pistol Instructor                                 State of California                                 

              CCW Instructor                                                                                                 

              Refuse To Be A Victim                                       Firearms Safety Certificate Instructor

              Training Counselor



              State of California


              Master Hunter Education Instructor                    

              Firearms Safety Certificate Instructor

              Firearms Safety Certificate Instructor Trainer       

              Concealed Carry Weapons Instructor                   




              Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor           

              Law of Self Defense Instructor Course Graduate